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Why should I have my property managed?

How do you select the right tenants?


Arms distance between tenant & landlord

One of the first reasons to consider hiring a real estate agent that specialises in property management is that they help provide a buffer between you and your tenant. If there are any problems with late payments or damaged property, the agent deals with these issues so that you can avoid any unpleasant confrontations.


One of the major roles of a good property manager is acting as the liaison between the landlord and the tenant. If any calls need to be made for repairs or if the tenant has any complaints, these can be handled by the property manager to make your life easier. They help make sure that both parties are able to relate appropriately to one another, clearing up misunderstandings and resolving issues.

Thorough knowledge of legislation

They know all the ins and outs of your state’s laws that relate to rental properties, and can advise you about your landlord rights. A good property manager does far more than just rent your home and collect your money for you. They also facilitate mediation in the event of late payments (providing a debt-collection service if necessary), organise emergency repairs, organise maintenance and even handle the payment of various bills. The property manager helps provide a complete management service, to help you avoid wasting your own time and money.

Specialised leasing manager

When you are first thinking about renting out your property, you may not have a full picture of the amount of work that can go into this. Our leasing manager can help you find suitable renters to help you avoid periods of vacancy and income loss. They will be able to employ all the necessary marketing methods to ensure that your property is highly visible to potential tenants. The leasing manager can then show the home to prospective tenants with open inspections that showcase the property in the best possible light.


In addition to showing your property to prospective tenants, our leasing manager can be involved with the professional screening of these tenants which includes rigorous reference checks of their rental history and employment. The property manager will make regular inspections, to ensure that the tenants are keeping your property in proper working order.

Marketing capabilities

A massive difference is the marketing capabilities between using an agency and privately advertising your property. For instance, take a look at the photo below which has been taken by a private landlord advertising their property on Gumtree.



Now compare this to a bedroom bedroom photo taken by our inhouse photographer, Donny.



Both of these properties are being advertised for the same price range, but which do you think looks more rentable? As well as the difference in photo quality there is also a massive difference in the exposure to potential renters. As a private advertiser you are limited to only using Gumtree to advertise your property but when we advertise our rental properties on 7 different websites. This includes priority placement on Realestate.com.au which is currently the number one site used for finding rental properties.