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Private Treaty Method

Common Method

Private Treaty Method of Sale
Before recommending the best method of sale for a particular property we will always consider aspects such as the requirements of our vendors, style and location of the property, price range and a variety of other factors which include the state of the market. 
It should be noted that the advice we offer will be given with the strongest desire to ensure within a reasonable time frame, the best possible price is achieved for the property.
All buyers 
This method allows all prospective purchasers the chance to put in an offer, regardless of their purchasing requirements. Many buyers are not able to purchase at auction due to conditions such as subject to finance or subject to sale of own home, so the private treaty method of sale attracts these buyers. 
An approximate price range or fixed price can be quoted to all prospective purchasers to provide them with a clear direction. 
This method is the most common and recognised form of buying an selling real estate in the Adelaide real estate market and is therefore regarded as a very comfortable way to transact property for both buyers and sellers.  
No time frame
Unlike auctions or offers closing campaigns, the private treaty method of sale has no set time frame in which the sale is advertised to be completed. This can benefit people who have special conditions in order to complete a property transaction.