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Offers Closing Method

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Offers Closing Method of Sale

All buyers

Allows all prospective purchasers the chance to put in an offer regardless of their purchasing requirements and must be submitted within our designated time frame generally a four week campaign.


An approximate price range or fixed price can be quoted to all prospective purchasers. Supported by recent local sales activities to ensure that you get the right amount for your house depending on what the market is doing and helps to sell your home quicker.

Submitting offers

Offers Closing is a method performed in strict confidence between buyer and seller and not disclosed publicly, giving greater strength to negotiation. It also capitalises on the  purchaser’s emotional attachment to your property and can substantially reduce the number of days your property spends on the market.  Once offers close negotiations can continue until a suitable agreement is made between the buyer and seller.


This method tends to reduce the amount of pressure on buyers during the decision making time. This can work both ways by giving buyers time to “talk” themselves out of buying or allowing them to connect with the home and therefore paying a comfortable premium for a home they are truly happy to purchase.