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Auction Method

Why would you go to auction?

Auction Method of Sale

Competitive bidding

The purchasers bid against each other in a successive and increasing manner rather than trying to pull your price down as with private treaty sales. The negotiations are always in an upward direction. 

Eliminates the pricing issue

The reserve price for auction is set just prior to the auction. Therefore, we will have the benefit of receiving four weeks of market feedback to help us determine the true selling value of your property. 

Places a time on the selling process

Public auctions places a time limit on the sale process and the purchasers have to work withing that. This ensures all the purchases five your property their full attention during the marketing period culminating in a process that is focused and successful. 

Prevention against underselling

An auction is the most reliable way of confirming our estimate in your property's true market value. It is your safeguard against under-selling your property. 

Pre-auction offers

Offers prior to auction are welcomed unless we are instructed otherwise by you. through detailed discussion of your options, we give you every opportunity to sell prior to auction if you so desire. Prior to auction offers are on a cash basis with cooling off periods waved with a solicitor, which HSP is happy to introduce us to.

Pre-marketing inspections

Prior to the commencement of any marketing, we recommend a silent sale period of one week. This can be effective by using our extensive database of priority buyers and through our website with floorplan and photography


Our Agent Michael Nicolo greeting bidders on auction day