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Dress Your Property for Success

Dress Your Property For Success


Staged Properties sell faster and for more. 


First Impressions


The western suburbs real estate market is diverse, with beautiful character homes and sleek new modern homes in the same street. Whether old or new or in need of renovation, the first impression is the most lasting impression. We have roughly 30 seconds in which a potential buyer decides if they are interested or not - presenting your home in the best possible light sells not only the home, but a lifestyle and is emotionally appealing. 

Appealing to the senses

Sight. Hearing. Taste. Smell. Touch. The more a buyer engages with the property emotionally, the more likely they are to buy. 

How we can help

Harcourts Sheppard uses the same stylists time and time again, because put simply they are good at what they do! We can advise on presentation and styling options when we appraise your property - tailoring each recommendation to the home! 


What can you do?

Here are some simple rules to follow to ensure you create the best first impression:


1. Declutter. Remove any unneccsary knick-knacks, furniture and household items. For example, fridge magnets removed from fridges, hair products removed from bathroom.

2. De-personalise. Remove personal items including photographs and religious symbols - potential buyers need to imagine themselves living in your home. They need to picture their life, which is difficult when evidence of the current owners are present. 

3. Make room! If you can, replace oversized furniture with modern designs. Remove excess furniture - this creates a sense of space, making rooms look bigger and more visually pleasing.  

5. Get savvy with decorating! Cleverly placed mirrors can make a room look bigger and also reflect light - great for rooms with low natural light levels! 


For more tips on getting the most of our your home presentation, call us on 08 8352 8111.