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Advertising your property


Local Print Advertising

  • Approximately 80% of buyers move within 7km of where they currently reside.

We recommend targeting the local market with the Messenger for the area. We are a consistent and recognised presence within Messenger papers.


Advertising Print Media

With hundreds of thousands of Adelaide residents engaging the Saturday Advertiser every week, this medium is a must to consider. A real estate buyers staple for years and Harcourts prime position at the front of the real estate section enables you to reach a wide audience easily.

Photography and videos

This has to catch the eye of a buyer as there is so much competition in the market place. Clean lines, crisp images and immaculate presentation is what motivates buyers. Dusk photography typically highlights a home better than daytime shots and this is our preference. Video also catches the creative and emotional buyer. Virtual displayed furniture is also a more affordable alternative and our photographers can assist you with this. Below is a example of a property video. 


Direct Marketing

Priority Buyers are met every weekend by our 25 strong sales team.We will prepare promotional materials regarding your property and arrange for their distribution to target market areas to attract potential buyers. Our sales team works collectively with these motivated buyers and to assist in finding the right buyer at the right time, for the right home. This is the benefit of the large sale force at Harcourts Sheppard.

Your Harcourts Sheppard sales consultant will inform you of every written offer. Harcourts Sheppard will negotiate on your behalf to reach a purchase agreement with terms that are favourable and protective for you. All negotiations are handled professionally and efficiently.




Each week, our Marketing Coordinator submits editorial requests to our local papers. Editorials are free advertising and provide huge exposure for your home. We have featured on the front of the real estate section in the Saturday Advertiser numerous times, as well as across several Messenger publications. It is fantastic to see our clients homes in the paper, and on a more sentimental value, it also serves as a little keepsake. See below just a couple of our recent editorials. 


Social Media Boosts


Using the same reasoning that people move within 7km of their home, we geographically target social media promotions of your home to people who live within the area. Fantastic results at low cost, this is a sure fire way to reach thousands of people within the area.