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The Ideal Investment

What is the ideal investment?

Invest, and do more of what you love

These days every investor is searching for the ideal investment for their portfolio. This could range from a unit, a full sized home or an apartment. But what is really an ideal investment?


Points to consider

  • Can you hold onto the property over time. If interest rates go up or your financial circumstances change; will you be able to hold onto it?
  • What do you want to get out of an investment property?  Are you looking for fantastic depreciation? Are you looking for a steady income over time? Are you looking for high rental yield?


If you are a looking for fantastic depreciation benefits then something to look into is a brand new home or something quite modern; such as two or three years old. If you're looking for a steady income over time then you could look at a full sized home in an established middle to high socioeconomic area which will continue to be in demand. Finally, if you are interested in rental yield then an apartment could be the ideal property for you as it can boast fantastic rental yields with the growing popularity in the Adelaide CBD with Intentional students.


 Of course there is a lot of other information to consider and in the next entry I will detail what you should be looking for as an investor once you've found the right property for you.