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So why Harcourts Sheppard Management?



Here at Harcourts Sheppard, we understand that not all properties are the same and not all Landlords are the same. Our primary focus is to design a strategy based around your individual and specific goals no matter how broad they are. This will aid in creating a fantastic experience which goes hand-in-hand with being a Landlord when you start your exciting journey.


Management & Inspections

  • Prior to a tenancy commencing a thorough "ingoing" inspection is performed. This report details the condition of the property right down to the colour of the paint on the walls. This is arguably one of the most important parts of successfully managing your property.
  • Your Property Manager will inspect your investment every 16 weeks. A detailed report is supplied, and recommendations given if a second inspection is warranted. 
  • Effective and efficient management - handling disbursements for creditors, coordinating maintenance where required, liaising with the tenant(s), effective arrears management for rental and water bills just to name a few. 

We have Metropolitan Adelaide covered

North, East, South, West - we have properties across all of metropolitan Adelaide; which means you can go in any direction with confidence. 



Whilst HS aims to build relationships with each customer based on services, results and professionalism, it's reassuring for our customers to know our team is loyal too. Our property managers enjoy each day, live our values and believe and deliver on our strategy to the customer. We don't want our clients being swapped from one different property manger to the other. We retain great managers to work with.