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Frequently Asked Questions



Will the owner accept an offer prior to Auction?
Yes they will. We will always present an offer to the owner if you make one, whether they accept it will depend on what your offer is & the feedback we receive from buyers during the campaign. Auction conditions are favourable for the owner, so please bear this in mind when making your offer.

 I'd like to arrange a building inspection how do I do that?
Simply get your building inspector to contact us directly to arrange a suitable time.


Can I view the property outside of the scheduled opens?

Where this is possible, the agent will endeavour to get all potential buyers through a property. Several factors affect having opens outside of scheduled times, including the owners wishes and if the property is tenanted. When a property is tenanted, it is a legal requirement to give reasonable notice to the tenant for open inspections, with no more than 2 opens every 7 days.